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Irritated by the seeming ease with which we move from intelligent commentary on Calabi-Yau's conception of geometric supersymmetry, to insightful analyses of the connection between Seinfeld and Bourdieu, to penetrating advice on the orgasmic power of split infinitives? We can't blame you. Well then, here's your chance to get even. The most craven praise and imaginative abuse will be posted here for your delectation. (We may edit for propriety, legality, and for the purposes of concealing your good ideas which we'll silently appropriate for future work.)

Dear Academic Ethicist: Just a note of deep appreciation for your innovative and effortless suggestions for academic advancement. As I approached my post-senility tenure review, I had expected problems. But, using your expansive notions of ethical behavior, I have been able to publish more than ever (which was not all that hard to accomplish). I now look forward to many happy years of teaching in my dotage. Your contributions are inspired.

—A senior (well-paid) professor.

Dear Professors: Frankly, I am confounded. I believe that I am married to one of you, but which one? I cannot remember which of you actually exists, and which is a mere literary construct.

—Wife (Western Massachusetts)

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