Sense and Sensibility (book)
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Book coverSense and Nonsensibility: Lampoons of Learning and Literature

Table of Contents



Part I ~ Bibliomania

Chapter 1: "Literary Mergers"

Chapter 2: "How to Write a Crossover Bestseller"

Chapter 3: "Novel Awards"

Chapter 4: "Happiness: A Personal Ordeal "

Chapter 5: "Poetry Olympiad"

Chapter 6: "Curing the Classics"

Chapter 7: "Dear Literary Ethicist…"

Chapter 8: "Literary Homepages"

Chapter 9: "Writers' Colony Embed"

Chapter 10: ""

Chapter 11: "'A Funerall Elegie' Reconsidered"

Chapter 12: "Sniff This Book!"

Part II ~ Academania

Chapter 13: "Teaching to Win"

Chapter 14: "Dear Academic Car Consultant…"

Chapter 15: "Affected Accent Summer Camp"

Chapter 16: "Dear Academic Ethicist…"

Chapter 17: "Saving the SAT"

Chapter 18: "Class Notes"

Chapter 19: "Graduate Students Anonymous"

Chapter 20: "Acme Tenure, Inc."

Chapter 21: "Iron Prof"

Chapter 22: "Further Tips to Tenure"

Chapter 23: "Home Shopping U."

Chapter 24: "Dear Academic Therapist…"

Chapter 25: "The OSHA Report on Academia"

Chapter 26: "Interview with the President"

Chapter 27: "Dear Academic Therapist…(again)"

Chapter 28: "Footnote to the History of the Footnote"

Part III ~ Mondomania

Chapter 29: "1-800-THERAPY"

Chapter 30: "The Omnist"

Chapter 31: "The Philosopher Is In"

Chapter 32: "Penis Orations"

Chapter 33: "Talk Bad to Me"

Chapter 34: "Self-Helplessness: Some Recent Titles"

Chapter 35: "Divine Merger"

Chapter 36: "It Kant Be Done.  Not So, Say Fox and Warner"

Chapter 37: "Adventure Spas"

Chapter 39: "Freud’s Phonographic Memory and the Case of the Missing Kiddush Cups"


Chapter 40: "Interview with Ourselves"